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dad's photo of Notre Dame
dad's photo of Notre Dame

Did you know ‘wiki’ is Hawaiian for “quick”? AND did you know that May is Asian Pacific Heritage Month? Scholastic has a rather comprehensive site for all things Asian, African and Latino American on Dream in Color.

Honestly, I haven’t taken the tour yet, but Scholastic always does wonderful stuff!  OK The WIKI… Remember, the challenge is to read books on the summer reading list and post a review by Labor Day. This is the link for the wiki which is also called Crazy Quilts.  I’m hoping it appears to you exactly as it does for me. You will probably have to register with Wikispaces in order to edit the wiki pages, but there is no charge for registering. Once you’ve registered and gone to the Crazy Quilts blog, you should see a list of pages on the left side of the home page. Feel free to post on any of them! To post, you’ll click “edit” on the right side of the page.

O, I hope that is as clear to you as it is to me. If not, just let me know and I’ll try to do better!

As for the summer… I don’t know how much summer reading I’ll be getting done. I’ll be participating in an NEH Summer Seminar for teachers in Paris, Normandy and Caen to study the French national identity post WWII. I’m really looking forward to this for several reasons. First, it will allow me to extend my study of WWII sites which already include Hiroshima and Pearl Harbor. While I’m not particularly a war buff, it’s amazing to see these sites, to see how different cultures treasure this space, embrace the memories and teach the history. Second, you already know my dad was in WWII. Shortly after my mom passed in November, my sister found my dad’s photos from his time spent in Paris right after the war ended. I’ve been to Paris before, but I didn’t have this wonderful connection at that time. I’m looking forward to feeling like I’m walking in my dad’s footsteps.

So, I’ll be giving up the YA lit for a while to pick up the materials for this wonderful learning opportunity. Gotta get out of the library and do a little experiential learning!! I’ll have to do another post some other time about why I think that is so important for librarians to be able to do!

6 thoughts on “Wiki Wiki Summer Quicki

  1. Hi Edi,
    Excited for you. Hope you have a great time. Really like this layout. WordPress has some really nice templates. I will register with Wiki and do my best to post over the Summer up to Labor Day.


  2. Edi, have a great time. How’s your French? And thanks for the Wiki knowledge. It only took a few seconds to register. I skipped the next step since I will only be linking reviews. I put up three reviews.


  3. How exciting! There’s a black Canadian woman who leads tours of “Paris Noir,” focusing on Richard Wright and other black expats–let me know if you want her info. Otherwise, bon voyage! I’ll try the wiki out soon…


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