Booklist 2006/2007

I began my blog initially by trying to list as many books by authors of color that I could locate. Consequently, not all of the following books were published in 2006 or 2007.

Durango Street Frank Bonham

Getting It Alex Sanchez

Haters Alisa Valdes Rodriguez

Jubilee Journey Carolyn Meyer

Neecey’s Lullaby by Cris Burks

Not so the Drama Paula Chase Hyman

Drinking Coffee Elsewhere Z.Z. Packer

Fortunate Son Walter Mosley

Kyra and Jason Dana Davidson

Emako Blue Brenda Woods

Romiette and Julio; Battle of Jericho; Copper Sun Sharon Draper

Who am I without him? Sharon Flake

Lucy the Giant Sherri Smith

New Boy Julian Houston;

The Year the Gypsies Came Linzi Glass

The dear one; house you pass on the way; Lena; I hadn’t meant to tell you this; From the notebooks of melanin sun; Miracle’s boys; If you come softly; Behind you; Hush; by Jacqueline Woodson

The first part last; Bird  by Angela Johnson

Bronx Masquerade Nikki Grimes

Dancer  Lorri Hewett

A Summer of Kings Han Nolan

Beautful Dreamer Christopher Bigsby

Ride Wit’ Me by Katina King

Harlem Hustle; Brother Hood Janet McDonald

Street Love by Walter Dean Myers

Push by Sapphire

Upstate Kalisha Buckhanno

When Kambia Elaine flew in from Neptune; Shayla’s double brown baby blues Lori Aurelia Williams

Like sisters on the homefront; Every time a rainbow dies Rita Williams-Garcia

­Hazelwood High Trilogy: Forged by Fire; Tears of a Tiger; Darkness Before Dawn; Sharon Draper

Imani All Mine Connie Porter

Imani in Never say goodbye; Imani in young love and deception; Jackie Hardrick

Teenage BluezA collection of Life Changing Stories

Payton Skky Series by Stephanie Perry-Moore

Platinum Teen Series by KaShamba Williams (self published)

Cry me a river; Satisfied with nothing; its all about the moon when the sun ain’t shinin Ernest Hill

Cupid A Tale of Love and Desire by Julius Lester

Black Powder By Statin Rabin

The Golden Hour; The Hour of the Cobra Maiya Williams

Honey Bea Kim Siegelson

Brown Girl in the Ring; Midnight Robber; Nalo Hopkinson

47 by Walter Mosley

Born in Sin Evelyn Coleman

Simply Divine Jacqelin Thomas

Blessings in Disguise ReShonda Tate Bilingsly

Deogratias: A Tale of Rwanda J.P. Stassen

Tropical Fish Doreen Baingana

Lavina: The Saga of an African princess   by Author. Q. Wright

Purple Hibiscus Ngozi Chimananda

Over a Thousand Hills I walk with you Hanna Jansen and Elizabeth D. Crawford

They Poured fire on us from the sky: the true story of three lost boys from Sudan Alphonsion Deng; Benson Deng, Benjamin Ajak, Judy Bernstein

Behind the Mountains Edwidge Danticat

What I Know is Me; Black Girls Write about Their World Christen Satchell, Natasha Tarpley

We Beat the Street: How Friendship Pact Led to Success Sampson Davis, George Jenkins; Sharon Draper

Facing the Lion Joseph Lemasoliai Lekuton

Makes me wanna holler ­Nathan MCall

Letters to a young brother: manifest your destiny Harper Hill

A Wreath for Emmet Till Marilyn Nelson, Philippe Lardy


Birth of a Nation
Black Panther: Who Is the Black Panther?
Black Panther/X Men: Wild Kingdom
Black Panther: Bad Mutha
Black Panther: The Bride

Storm By Eric Jerome Dickey

Static Shock: Trial By Fire by Dwayne McDuffie et al

Static Shock DVD: The New Kid

Icon: A Hero’s Welcome by Dwayne McDuffie et al

The Truth: Red, White and Black by Robert Morales and Kyle Baker

The Essential Luke Cage

Cage by Brian Azzerello et al

Blade Series by Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan

2007 READS

Prime Choice Stephanie Moore Perry

Urban Goddess Sonia Hayes

Retaliation Yasmin Shiraz

Sentences the life of M. F. Grimm by Percy Carey

Finch goes wild Janet Gingold (Oct, 2007)

Does my head look big in this? by Randa Abdel-Fattah

Blessing in disguise RoShonda Tate Billingsley

With friends like these RoShonda Tate Billingsley

Nothing but the drama RoShonda Tate Billingsley

Golden Spirit Stephanie Perry Moore

Living Consequences Brittany Holmes

Carmen Browne Series by Stephanie Perry Moore

Laurel Shadrach Series by Stephanie Perry Moore

Time’s memory Julius Lester

Marked by fire Joyce Carol Thomas

Hallway Diaries: How to be down/double act/the summer she learned to dance Felicia Pride

Pushing Pause Celeste Norfleet

Getting Hooked Nyomi Scott

Off Color Janet McDonald

Trouble Follows Monica McKayhan

Frenemies L. Divine

Don’t get it twisted: a del rio bay clique novel Paula Chase-Hyman

Like this and like that (Boy Shopping) Nia Stephens

Fast Life Cassandra Carter

First Semester Cecil Cross II

Whole sky full of stars Rene Jr. Saldana

Someone like summer M.E. Kerr

Floating: A Novel Nicole Bailey Williams

Baby Girl Lenora Adams

Sofi Mendoza’s guide to getting lost in Mexico Malin Alegria

The Absolutely True Story of a Part-Time Indian Sherman Alexie

Fast Life Cassandra Carter

Moccasin Thunder Lori Carlson

Summer of Delores Wanda Richards

Prime Choice: Perry Skyye Jr Series Stephanie Perry Moore

Like This and Like That Nia Stephens

Boy Shopping Nia Stephens

Keysha’s Drama Earl Sewell

Spin It Like That Chandra Sparks Taylor

First Daughter: Extreme American Makeover Mitali Perkins

Chasing the Jaguar Michel Dominguez Green

Can’t Stop the Shine Joyce Davis

It Chicks Tia Williams

Making of Dr. Truelove by Derrick Barnes

Letters to my mother Teresa Cárdenas

The Edification of Sonya Crane JDGuilford

Indigo Summer Monica McKayhan

Any Small Goodness: A novel of the Barrio Johnston, Tony

Sister Chicas Lisa Alvarado, Ann Hagman Cardinal and Jane Alberdeston Coralin

Freshman Focus Carla Sarratt

Behind the Eyes Francisco Stork

The Baptism by Shelia Mose

Jesse Gary Soto

Honey Blonde Chicas Michele Serros

Goal! The dream begins Robet Rigby

Adios to my old life Caridad Ferrer

The first sandcastle M.E.Delgado

The face of Pancho Villa: A history in pictures and words Friedrich Katz

Teenage Bluez Marketa Salle

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