Review Policy

Welcome to my CrazyQuiltEdi. I live and work to promote equity, social justice and inclusion in youth literature. I focus on improving representation in children’s books by addressing issues of biases, racism, inequity and imperialism. My work isn’t just about the books.

With respect to reviewing books:

I review books written by Authors of Color and Native Americans or books that feature teens and preteens of color or of Native descent as main characters and that will be available for purchase in the United States. It may take me 1-3 months to prepare and ‘publish’ reviews and from time to time and at times, I may stop accepting books in order to catch up.

I provide my own, uninfluenced perspectives about the books I read. I base my reviews in critical literacy theory.

I do not sell books that are given to me. I either add them to a library or pass them along to my readers.

For more information please contact me at:

crazyquilts at hotmail dot com

Thanks for stopping by!