A few good things I picked up on Twitter:  Drafted_100day_zoom-ff

Paula Chase Hyman’s first live Real Teen Talk chat at Paula’s JORT Monday, May 18th. If you don’t already know, Paula is the author of the Del Rio Bay series.
It’s not enough that he has to rescue the free world from capitalistic greed and global terrorism and global warming and uncontrolled immigration and even give a rousing commencement speech to seemingly sedated students at ASU Obama has also been recruited to fight aliens.

How well young white children are (not) discussing race: article.

The Puerto Rican woman who could be the next Supreme Court justice:  NYTimes article

Sudanese act of war upon Chad. I’m so unaware!

How to publish your blog to Kindle (and make a few nickels in the process!)

Now to write out slips of paper and draw a winner for Perfect Chemistry! Winner tomorrow!

Free Coldplay Album

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