Saturday Trailer: Zero Fade

What better day for book trailers than a Saturday?

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Set in the early 90s when zero fade haircuts and Arsenio Hall were part of the lives of all the cool people, YA readers in 2013 will be amazed at how things recycle and how life’s basic messages never really change.

When asked why feature the fade haircut so prominently in the book, Author Chris Terry replied

Your hair is near your face. It’s one of the first things that people see. As a self-conscious teen, you need your hair to be right. I write a lot about hair as a symbol of identity, especially for me — a pale-skinned man with kinky hair. I’ve had a lot of failed hair experiments, and some of them bled into Kevin’s story.

Zero Fade is about a kid growing up. While his experiences are specific to black culture, his trials and tribulations are not. Love this quote:

Black art can exist without being in conversation with white people. Not every black story has to directly address what the white world is doing to us.

Arsenio recently came back to late night in the #1 spot simply because he excels at what he does. And Chris Terry? He’s already gotten a Kirkus starred review.

Read more of the interview with Chris Terry.


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