Saturday Trailers: MG and younger YA

What better day for book trailers than a Saturday?

Books for middle graders and younger YA readers can be so enjoyable! The fun and adventure of life is still there, too soon to be replaced by the grit, horror and pain of aliens, vampires, classmates and just plain life. MG books often handle life’s complexities in a humorous or light-hearted manner. They relate to the younger readers and give them plenty of confidence in one’s abilities to find success.

Lenore Look has been writing the Alvin Ho books for a few years now. While I couldn’t find a trailer for her most recent book, Alvin Ho: allergic to babies, burglars and other bumps in the night (Schwartz and Wade Books) you will get a good introduction to Alvin in this trailer.

Mira in the present tense  (Whitman Press) was written bySita Brahmachari, author of Artichoke Hearts. Although her issues are a little more intense than Alvin’s, she still has that confidence of youth on her side.