Here it is mid January and the weather is just beginning to feel like winter. We’ve had one small snowfall last week and may have another on Tuesday. I love snow, but hate driving in it, so I’m quite fed up with every snowstorm coming into town just in time to affect my morning drive to work. If it weren’t still night time, it might not be so bad but slick roads, dark skies and a drive literally from one side of town to the other is something of which I’ve had enough. Hopefully Tuesday’s snow will come in after the sun rises, if not later.

Here it is mid January and my interest in football is just beginning to grow. My son’s lifelong devotion to the Niners had me watching one of the best football games I’ve ever seen yesterday! Other than that, I’ve missed a lot this season. Could miss the fascination with Tim Tebow, though. My son sent an article which does a lot to get to get us to the character of who this young man really is, and he’s a lot more than the hype.

In addition to the blogs I’ve been reading for the comment challenge, I’ve been reading some of those on my blogroll as well. A new one there is The BookShelf Muse. What’s different about this blog is that it’s written for writers. Understanding how writers develop stock characters or use elements such as the weather to deepen their story help me as a reader get that much more out of what I’m reading.

Just a short post today. Enjoy your week and stop back tomorrow for my MLK Day post!



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  1. Its amazing how much weather plays in our lives. I guess that is why it is the thing we all talk about…expecially when there is nothing else to talk about. The weather unifies us. Thank you for bringing this blog to my attention.


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