Birthday Party Pledge

My colleagues and I have launched a childhood literacy initiative called the Birthday Party Pledge; we’re asking adults to commit to buying multicultural books as gifts for the children in their lives. “It takes a village” to ensure that each child has a home library, yet finding books that feature black children can be challenging. Our site provides lists (picture books, historical fiction, graphic novels, books boys love, speculative fiction, poetry, global fiction, etc.) so that adults can go into a bookstore or library armed with titles that truly reflect the diversity of our world.
Please check out our website (and blog) and share this resource with others.
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And please, add the button to your website to show your commitment!

9 thoughts on “Birthday Party Pledge

  1. This is a great initiative andI’m definitely joining in – thank you for starting it up. It’s just the nudge I need as, although I find it easy to give books to younger children and mostly do, I’m starting to find it harder with the older children in my life – so yes, books it will be!


  2. What a good idea! I think adults assume that kids want toys or books about people who look exactly like them, but that’s not true at all. I worked at the American Girl store for a summer and was in the “Just Like Me” doll section. So often parents would be really picky, trying to find a doll that looked JUST like their daughter. But the girls would often choose dolls that looked nothing like them. The more we can encourage multicultural stories, the better.


  3. Annie, In all the reasons I have for why multicultural literature is so important, I’ve never considered that it nurtures our curiosity about the world around is!

    I’m so glad to see so much support for this project! Hopefully, all children, not just children of color, will benefit from our efforts.


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