As with most Monday mornings, this one was quite hectic!  From trying to finish last weeks items, to checking emails and delivering equipment to teachers, I rushed from one activity to another without really concentrating on any one in particular.  Then, this co-worker comes in. One of those old heads who moves with deliberate slowness whether in speech or motion because he has mastered the art of capturing attention.

So, he sits down and hands me this paper.  A paper my quick glance tells me I’ve seen this before:  a photocopy of a notice of a slave sale from the 19th century.  But then, he tells me more. He got it from a friend this past weekend who was cleaning out his grandmother’s attic and this! this was the notice of his great-grandmother’s sale. 

A 17 or 18 year old high yellow wench with a good disposition. Smart.  She has children, some will be sold with her but they don’t all have to be.

And, this was someone’s great-grandmother.  I was captured in this story.  I wanted to know what else he found.  Did he know his great-grand?  What will he do with these things?  Why did she come from South Carolina (the place of the sale) to Indiana?

This paper became the most fascinating thing in my library.  Captured by history and embracing it to remain free.

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