book review: Fat Hoochie Prom Queen

Fat hoochie prom queen

by: Nico Medina

Simon Pulse, 2008

main character:  Margarita Anonia Diaz (“Madge”)

I love that title! I could not wait to read the book!  Unfortunately, I was more than a little disappointed  throughout most of the book.  The gratuitous abuse of drugs and alcohol by the teen characters was overwhelming.  Lucking, the profanity was out flavored by the colorful language created by the author.  Madge and her dear, sweet friend, Lucas took us on a fast paced, intoxicating adventure through their not so ordinary lives in Orlando, Florida.  Madge, a wealthy, plump, independent and resourceful Latina has problems understanding others and forgiving them.  She wants to help Lucas work through his latest love fiasco with Zach and she wants to get back at her former best friend, Bridget for the terrible way she has been treated.  With all the quick moving, colorful events of this drama, it is amazing how gentle the characters are with one another.  I think they provide interesting examples of how to communicate through issues without the need for ugly, negative displays.  Along with Madge, we learn that in doing things for the right reasons, we find success.  I wish Madge and Zach would also learn to enjoy life without the chemicals, but this issue is not addressed in the book.

friendship, integrity, acceptance

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  1. I loved this cover as well and tried to read it a few months back but I couldn’t get past the first few chapters. I was okay with the drinking some kids do that in high school, I just didn’t believe the author’s female voice.


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