book review: First Daughter White House Rules

FIrst daughter:  White house rules

author:  Miltali Perkins

Dutton Juvenile (January 24, 2008)

Main character:  Sameera (“Sparrow”)

In this election year, this book is a timely read that may give middle school girls an interesting perspective on life in the White House. Sparrow tells the story of how she decides to live out her role as first daughter.  What is unique about Sparrow is that she is an adopted girl of Pakistani descent.  Author Perkins delivers a very subtle presence of Pakistani culture and which helps the reader identify shared commonalities and differences.  The use of Sparrow’s blog (which Perkins continues in real life) further develops and expands her character.  Unfortunately, other characters are not as well developed.  Relationships are wholesome and supportive, helping to deliver a smooth and quick paced read.  This should be a welcomed addition to any YA collection as it is one of the few books told from the perspective of a teen American of Pakistani origin.

no sex, no drugs, no profanty, no violence

themes:  first love, family, careers, government, Pakistani Americans

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