Post Your Resistance

Every Child A Reader is a nonprofit that celebrates the impact that books have on young people. They have just released a new set of Get Caught Reading posters, Women Leading the Way. It features Zalia Avant-garde, Vanessa Garcia, Raya Kenney, Paula Young Shelton, Mai Wenjen and Erin Yun. The posters are available at no charge, but there is a request to pay $10 for shipping if possible. Other sets with posters available are themed Graphic Novel Characters, National Ambassadors or Young People’s Literature, Community Leaders, Indegenous Voices, Brown Bookshelf Founders, More Authors, and Athlete. There are A LOT of posters to choose from, and we’re asked to limit to 10. That’s going to be very hard for me, I do want to get the posters so that I can hang them in this library to promotes some of the authors whose works have recently been challenged or banned. In your library, if you’ve had to remove works by these authors, consider hanging a poster, and promoting literacy. For more information, including an order form

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