End of Summer??

When do you consider summer to be over? Is it when students go back to school? When you have to start wearing a jacket? Or, like me is it 22 September, the first day of the autumnal equinox? I’ll be in Alaska when the seasons change and hope to see spectacular Northern Lights.

No matter when the summer ends for you, please know that the We Are Kidlit Summer Reading List is always in season. We did create it so that young readers could easily find books written or illustrated by Blacks, Native Americas or People of Color with affirming representations. Always in season! I’m continually going back through all nine of the lists we created when I’m recommending books because I know I can trust these titles.

School Library Journal has recently picked up our list, making it easier for the list to get to those who need it. I hope that you are sharing the list as well! SLJ also created a PDF!