The List is out!

I don’t know if you’ve had an opportunity to check out this year’s summer reading list. If not, I hope you do soon. The list this year is a very robust list that considers a variety of texts; of literacies; of ways to engage with information. We’ve curated novels, picturebooks, graphic novels, coloring sheets, online short stories, short plays, fiction, novels in verse, poetry collections and nonfiction for young people. We really try to be diverse!!

While every book is read by atleast two people, not everyone on the team reads every book. We still want to read some of the other books! I asked everyone on the team what they still wanted to read and here’s what we said.

What are you looking forward to reading?


  1. Counting Up the Olive Tree: A Palestine Number Book by Golbarg Bashi; illustrated by Nabi H. Ali
  2. Color for Justice, Color for Calm by Ricardo Levins Morales
  3. We Are Not Broken by George M. Johnson


  1. Maya and the Robot By Eve Ewing
  2. The Shark King by R. Kikuo Johnson
  3. Sculptor Woodrow Nash: How I Search for My Ancestors


  1. 1. Disability Visibility by Alice Wong
  2. Black Deaf Lives Matter by Lissa D. Ramirez-Stapleton, Lissa D.; illustrated by Shawn Richardson
  3. Color for Justice, Color for Calm by Ricardo Levins Morales


  1. The Insiders by Mark Oshiro
  2. The Reluctant Storyteller by Art Coulson and Traci Sorell; illustrated by Carlin Bear Don’t Walk & Roy Boney Jr.
  3. Liu, Jennie. Like Spilled Water by Jennie Liu

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