book discussion: Moonwalking

Tonight is the final book discussion for A Book Club with Ms. Campbell and Dr. Dahlen. It’s not too late to register!!

We’ll use the questions below to talk about the book for the first 30 minutes and then, authors Zetta Elliott and Lyn Miller-Lachmann will join in.


Moonwalking by Zetta Elliott and Lyn-Miller Lachmann

  1. How does the cover inform you about and connect you with the story?
  2. How are music and art used as tools for personal and communal liberation in the story?
  3. The novel is told in poem form. How does this extend the story?
  4. Related, how did you read the poetry? 
  5. What are your thoughts and feelings on the way Pie’’s research was devalued? Have you ever had a similar experience?
  6. What can readers take away from the proximity of European history to African history in the text?
  7. Much of this story is about friendship. What do you think of how Pie and JJ developed their friendship? About how they navigated challenges in their friendship? 
  8. What does solidarity mean to the characters? To you?
  9. How did you think the book was going to end? What did you think of the ending?