I had a busy weekend here! I worked through most of it and still need to finish a few things. In the midst of what I was working on, I found a few resources of interest. I should have the April list of releases up by the end of the week. Just looking at the large number of BIPOC releases on Tuesday 5 April makes me wish I could get these lists up sooner.

Last week, the Senate held a subcommittee hearing, “Free Speech Under Attack: Book Bans and Academic Censorship”. I’m listening to it while I work today, thanks to a link Debbie Reese sent me.

PEN American has created an Index of School Book Bans. The Google doc is searchable by author and title or state and district. This gives us a opportunity to know what’s going on in our state or region, or with our favorite authors. If you see a name you know on the list, send the author a text or email of support. If you see challenges happening near you, read the book being challenged and attend your local school board meeting. Also, be sure these books are in your local library.

The next Book Club with Ms. Campbell and Dr. Dahlen is next Wednesday 20 April at 7pm ET/6pmCT. We’re discussing Ibi Zoboi’s Star Child: A Biographical Constellation of Octavia Estelle Butler. I’ll come back and add the registration link to this post as soon as I have it, will also share it on the socials. If you prefer to email and have me send it to you, that’ll work! crazyquilts AT hotmail dot com

Be well and do good!