In Memory

This is a very incomplete list of memorable people we lost in 2021 who have had particular influence on the world of Black children. We’ve come to know these names because of the success they’ve reached in their careers and the powerful ways they shaped their voice and their talents to make a real difference in this world. They’ve touched so many of us! I’m grateful for them and the examples they leave me.

Incomplete list indeed! I know so many who have lost family and friends who had been tremendous influence because of the joyful and loving lives they shared. Blessings on their memories and on the love they’ve left behind.

2021 was certainly a year of loss. What’s it preparing us for? Let’s hold on and enjoy the ride!

Quote Sources

Virgil Abloh
Greg Tate
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Arnold Adoff
Eloise Greenfield
Jerry Pinkney
Floyd Cooper
Bernette Ford

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