Discussion Guide: Finding Junie Kim

Tonight’s the night! This evening we’ll be discussing Finding Junie Kim by Ellen Oh via Zoom at 4pmPT/ 6pm CT/ 7PM ET. Register ASAP if you’re planning to join us so you can get the link. The following questions will guide our discussion. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/finding-junie-kim-virtual-book-discussion-tickets-166582471657

  1. What comments or questiions do you have? What would you ask the author?
  2. How do the characters in the book tend to their mental health? Is having good mental health a privilege only for those who are empowered through race, economics or education? 
  3. The Korean War is often called the “Forgotten War.” Why do you think that is so? 
  4. What did you learn about the Korean War that you didn’t know? How does this inform your knowledge of US foriegn policy?
  5. How do individuals typically express love in families and friendships? What types of love appear in this story? How does the expression of love change throughout the events in the narrative? What stereotypes are dismantled by the love shared and expressed by characters in this story? (shamelessly lifted from #DisruptTexts guide for Before the Ever After)
  6. What does food come to symbolize in the story?
  7. How do different characters advocate for themselves, their families, their communities throughout the story? 
  8. What did you think of how the story went between the present and the past through different characters? 
  9. What themes are present in the book?