discussion guide: A Sitting In St. James

Sarah and I are really looking forward to tonight’s discussion. We’ve put together the following questions to help guide. They’re only a guide! We’re sure you’ll probably have many thoughts and ideas to share about what you’ve read in the story.


  1. What did you read that needs clarification?
  2. What passages stood out to you? How does it pique your curiosity, inform your understanding, or demand further consideration?
  3. What are some of the ways people are oppressed in the story based on class, race, ability, sexual orientation, or other ways of being?
  4. In this story, who is free? Who is working toward individual or collective liberation?
  5. What does this add to your understanding of slavery as it was practiced in the United States?
  6. How did you feel yourself being positioned?
  7. What was most noteworthy about the sitting that occurred in St. James?
  8. What are some antiracist steps you have taken over the past year and what are some steps you will take in striving to be an antiracist? How will you check yourself and hold yourself accountable if you notice you, or someone else, is being racist?