Tuesday Stuff

currently reading: Stamped, Antiracism, and You : A Remix of the National Book Award-winning Stamped from the Beginning by Jason Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi

Lifting as We Climb : Black Women’s Battle for the Ballot Box by Evette Dionne

COVID-19. I think I’m the most panicked in my family after all, my children are all younger than me! How do I know if this old woman’s health is ‘good enough’? Can I strengthen my immune system? I won’t even get into all the myths that are floating out there! I’m fortunate in that I know where to look for reliable information and well, I have too much work to do to let my fears overcome me. But, our teens and tweens are inundated with all the crap floating around social media and they have no reason not to believe any of it. Let’s be sure to do what we can when we have their ear to help them find reliable sources, particularly those related to COVID-19. Most large employers and school districts have developed informational websites. My university has one and of course, there’s the CDC and the WHO. And of course, the American Library Association has a page. Librarians are all about being informed with good and accurate information. On those days you may be stuck at home, don’t forget to visit your library’s online catalog to find ebooks, streaming videos and music for a little entertainment. Watch the evening news with them. Identify where the information reported on originated. How complete is the information given? For whom is it meant? What populations are being ignored?

I said I was too busy! We’re working on getting out the 2020 W Are Kid Lit Collective Summer reading list. Right now, that means doing second or even third reads on nominated books. Then, we’ll discuss the titles to decide what we’ll include this year.

I actually have a couple of books I was able to find the time to read that I need to review for the blog. Soon, very soon! I updated the list of 2020 releases over the past few days and have a fairly complete list of middle grade and young adult books by IPOC authors beginning in April. I’m slowing adding to upcoming months. I think I’ll only remind people from time to time that the list is available and will no long do a post of each month’s releases.

I do have special posts coming for women’s history month. I’ve gotten pieces from several Black women authors that I’ll begin posting later this month. I am still seeking pieces for that series if anyone is interested in contributing.

Also, for Women’s History Month… I’ve edited and re-launched t-shirts celebrating Black Women who write MG and YA. Lists are a tricky thing. Inevitably, not everyone is mentioned. I guess I’ll just have to do this again next year! These are the names on the shirt that are surrounded by a text that can be read as “Black Women Read” or “Read Black Women”

Angie Alaya Alicia AshleyScreen Shot 2020-03-10 at 1.31.34 PM.png
Barbara Bemi Brandy Brenda
Camryn Claire Coe Christine
Chrystal Danielle Dhonielle
Elizabeth Jacqueline Janet Jewel
Karen Kekla Kelli Liari
Nic Nicole Nikki Nnedi Mariama
Marilyn Paula Randi Renee Sarah
Sharon Shelia SherriStephanie
Tomi Tonya Tracey Zetta

Purchases can be made here.

I plan to use profits from the shirts to purchase tickets for Chicago area teachers and librarians to attend the Coretta Scott King Breakfast at ALA in June. Donations toward this cause are accepted with a purchase.