Black Books: Matthew Winner

I’ve invited non Black people who are in someway connected to youth literature to share a list of 5-10 books written or illustrated by Blacks that will appeal to children. I asked for anything from board books and graphic novels to biographies and adult crossover. The authors or illustrators could be living or dead, U.S. residents or not.

Today’s guest is Matthew C. Winner (@MatthewWinner), a school librarian in Owings Mills, MD and host of The Children’s Book Podcast where he regularly host children’s authors and promotes literacy practices. Matthew chose to give voice to his students by sharing their mock Coretta Scott King Award nominations for the 2020 award. Perhaps he’ll inspire other librarians to develop mock CSK awards.

mwinner podcast 19
Matthew Winner

Thank you so much for extending the invitation to recommend book titles by Black authors and illustrators. I’m including our nominees for our mock CSK, the books we are reading to our students in K-4 to compete in a bracket-style competition that will end with our winner and honor books being named just before the YMAs. I do a sort of hybrid CSK, combining both the Author and Illustrator awards into a picture book award where nominees are written and illustrated by African American bookmakers.

Here are our nominees: