You Won’t Want to Miss

I’ve got a couple of presentations to prepare for before NCTE, but i want you to please put these items on your calendar now so that you don’t miss them in Baltimore at the NCTE Annual Conference in November. You’ll have to check the schedule for the exact room numbers.

What Do We Ask of Each Other?
What do Black and Latinx women and girls ask of each other? This unique inter and intracultural discussion based in our expectations, requirements and provisions for self and other in our daily and work lives will consider how we negotiate these demands through literature and poetry.
Attendees are asked to bring a book written by a Latinx, AfroLatinx or Black women to exchange during the discussion.
Panel: Edith Campbell, Julia Torres, Elizabeth Acevedo, Zetta Elliott, Tiffany Jackson, Isabel Quintero, Renée Watson
11:00 AM Friday 22 November

Of Monsters and Men: Walter Dean Myers
MONSTER by Walter Dean Myers has been adopted by numerous school districts not only because of its outstanding literary quality but, because of the visibility in provides to black men coming of age in the US. This panel explores how the dual narrative style and the ambiguous ending requires readers to do more than become empathetic, but to work to explore their own interpretation of Steve. This critical work will transform deficit-based discussions  into ones in which readers identify assets. This will allow us to teach students how literature can be a tool for self-inquiry and growth.

Panel: Edith Campbell, Laurie Halse, Anderson, Dr. Laura Jiménez, Cornelius Minor, Ellen Oh, Phoebe Yeh
2:45 PM Satureday 23 November