#CollectiveResistance: Decolonizing Childhood Coalition

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artwork by  Innosanto Nagara

Wee the People Boston has teamed with two dozen organizations to make a public statement calling for action on behalf of immigrant families who are separated and detained by the U.S. government. We, as a community are asked to take action or to donate to the fundraiser. “As we head into a weekend of mass #LightsforLiberty protests, we are united in this call to action.”

“We, the members of the Decolonizing Childhood Coalition (DCC), have come together to stand in solidarity with immigrant families and call on our communities to act. We condemn immoral US immigration policies, which have set off a humanitarian crisis and caused catastrophic harm to families crossing the US-Mexico border.

We are a collective of child-centered organizations dedicated to race-conscious parenting, telling kids the truth about systems of injustice, and helping to bring about a more just and free world by activating young people as forces for change. We are parents, caregivers, artists, authors, and educators.” READ THE FULL DECLARATION HERE

Choose then, to organize by standing vigil outside an ICE detention center, engage children to activate their sense of social justice or donate. Each of these actions is detailed in the declaration. Also included is a list of resources for those who have young children in their care.

Wee The People (WTP) is a Boston-based social justice project for children ages 4-12. Launched in 2015 by two Black mothers, WTP organizes free, interactive workshops and events that explore activism, resistance, and social action through the visual and performing arts: music, dance/movement, theater, graphic arts, spoken word, and storytelling.

“Wee The People is grounded in the belief that if kids can understand fairness, they can understand justice — and that adults play a huge role in connecting kids’ sense of fairness in their own lives to larger issues of injustice in the world.”
website: https://www.weethepeopleboston.org/
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WeeTP.org/
contact: contact@weethepeopleboston.org

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  1. Great post – thank you! My 12 year old and I travelled to the USA for four weeks and had many long conversations about the social injustices we encountered. Great to have somewhere I can point them towards.


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