Highlights Workshop

I am so very excited about the symposium I was able to put together to deliver at Highlights this summer. We know publishing needs to hire more marginalized people if they want to have more meaningful progress with diversity, inclusion and equity. But, we also know that the work that needs to be done cannot fall solely on the backs of those who are marginalized. Those in publishing need to work on their cultural competencies so that they’re better able to engage with stories outside their own experience and so that they’re willing and able to maintain an inclusive workplace. And, not just white people need this work. We could probably work on our ability to relate with those of other races, ethnicities, gender, sexual orientation or abilities.

“Allies in the fight for cultural representation in children’s books–authors, editors, publishers, teachers, librarians–must understand the complexities of cultural competency to foster equity in communities, classrooms, and on the bookshelf. Writers must gain tools in cultural competency before writing outside their own experiences. Editors and agents need to deepen their understanding of cultural competency as they bring new books to life. Professors, teachers and librarians need to be able to have appropriate conversations with students.”

I’ve been able to gather some of the best minds available to facilitate a much needed symposium. Dr. Debbie ReeseRenee Watson, Paula Yoo, Dr. Laura M. Jiménez and Dr. Marilisa Jiménez García will gather for 2 days in June for this working symposium at the Highlights Foundation in Pennslyvania.

I hope you can join us. This is an all inclusive event that includes transportation to and from the airport, lodging and all meals. Space is limited!


For more information: https://www.highlightsfoundation.org/programs/1051/building-cultural-competency-in-todays-childrens-publishing-industry-a-working-symposium-2019/?fbclid=IwAR1jm7omLu6Ueb4DhrfRLEE6mvyt7OR7F4lfTnWjDT66-5hv-8qeoDwHvKM