Second Tuesday Serials: Rebellion of Thieves

title: Rebellion of Thieves
series: Robyn Hoodlum Adventure
author: Kekla Magoon
date: Bloomsbury, 2016
main character: Robyn Loxley

Robyn is resolved to save her parents.

She’s a young, brown skinned girl who is fearless in her fight for justice. She and her merry gang house themselves in an abandoned church where they can go undetected until they’re able to unite all the natural elements (air, earth, fire and water) into the powerful force necessary to make things right. But first, Robyn wants to save her parents.

While we don’t know much about the racial identity of other characters in the book, it is heartwarming to see such a smart, confident and brave young brown skinned girl fighting the good fight in this alternative reality setting.

She and her crew have carried out enough minor attacks upon the government for Robyn to have been listed as its #1 most wanted fugitive. Of course, most of her crimes consist of robbing from the government to feed those in need. She can only be recognized by her trademark four strand braid and government issued barcode tattoo until she slips up.

Kekla Magoon builds believable and engaging suspense in this middle grade series.

This second installment in the Robyn Adventure series. It is accessible without having read the first book.

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