Getting Back

I’ve had a few discussions to help correct and update the ’50 Years of Diversity in YA’ post I wrote a while ago yet, still doesn’t feel complete to me. Paricularly after conversations with Anne Clare le Zotte and Corinne Duyvis, I decided to open up the post and make it publicly editable.  The broad scope of this tool almost makes crowd sourcing a requirement. I’ve put the material on a GoogleDoc

I’m sure there will eventually be materials that don’t fall within the original parameters of my research, but that’s fifty years of YA is the original focus. My additions have been heavily on works of fiction, authors and publishers yet we know there’s much more to consider than that such as movements, articles, scholarly books and even blogs.

A similar tool that adds to the documention of the history of diversity is Jewel’ Davis’s ‘Diversity in Youth Literature Timeline‘.