We Are the People 2016

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We Are the People is once again providing a summer list for all our children. It includes books written or illustrated by Native Americans or people of color. Some have disabilities. Others are LGBTQIA. All are books that we would proudly place in any child’s hands. With careful, critical consideration, this year’s list was created by Thaddeus Andracki, Edith Campbell, Sarah Park Dahlen, Sujei Lugo, Lyn Miller-Lachmann, Nathalie Mvondo, Debbie Reese and Edward Spicer.

This year’s list can be found on our new website which is located at
 https://wtpsite.wordpress.com/. Last year’s Facebook site will remain in place, but we will put no new information there. Everything will be on the We Are The People website. We hope all the young people you know find enjoyment reading the books on our 2016 We Are the People Summer Reading List.

2 thoughts on “We Are the People 2016

  1. HI Edi, Hope this finds you well – do you have any suggestions? My play daughter’s 6 year old mixed race son just told her he is white. There are a lot of issues here, including the fact that this youngster will surely be seen as african american by many.

    BEST to you!!




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