Critical Engagement Through Social Media

This weekend, I was honored to be part of the Center for Teaching through Children’s Books one day event subtitled “I Tweeted, I Tumbled, I Taught”. In addition to hearing many ideas, teaching strategies and insights on using social media for professional development, teaching and engaging with others in ways that are legal and responsible. And, I got to meet people who had only previously been names to me: Betsy Bird, Colby Sharp, Julie Danielson,  Elisa GalleWilliam Teale,  Junko Yokota and Robert Muller. It was a very learning filled weekend as I connected with authors, grad students, librarians and educations mostly from the Chicago area. I didn’t take a lot of pictures, didn’t tweet much, but (and this sounds so self centered) I had so many people wanting to hear my talk, that I recorded it.

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