Yes  I am dreaming of a snowy white Christmas! I love cold snowy winters!

I’ve decided to take a winter hiatus for the next couple of weeks. I’ve got work things and family and holiday and travel things coming up and I th (1)don’t think my blogging needs to be any more irregular than it is now.

I can tell you that my service on the Walter Committee is ending and I’ll be back reviewing books and interviewing authors in 2016. I’ll still be on Facebook and Twitter, but I really doubt as much as I have been.

Tuesday 12 January will be the next #LargeFears TwitterChat at 7:00pm EST. We’ll be catching up with the debut YA authors of color from 2015. It will be hosted by Chris Ledbetter (@Chris_Ledbetter) and Stacey Lee (@staceyleeauthor). Stacey is the author of UNDER A PAINTED SKY. OUTRUN THE MOON (5/16) Putnam/Penguin. CATCH A FALLING HEART (Fall ’16) Katherine Tegen. Chris authored DRAWN (6/15) | THE SKY THRONE (Spr. 2017).

I’m closing out my year of “diligence” and next year my word is “harmony”. I’m sure this word will have absolutely nothing to do with my lack of musical ability, but might be more along the lines of bringing me new understandings and undertakings.

I hope you’ll all be back here with me next year and I hope between now and then we’re all blessed in ways we need to be, in ways we cannot imagine and in ways that benefit us all.

I wish you lots of fun this holiday season, lots of snow and lots of good books!