At the end of the #LargeFears chat last night, Myles thanks me for publicly speaking out on behalf of queer black boys. HA! My biggest fear was hosting a twitter chat! I was glad that Libertad and Guinevere Thomas (AKA Dos Twinjas)  and Sujei were there with me along with too many friends who either showed up or took the time to send regrets. I was afraid of publicly working with technology in a new way, but we got it done. We trended for a bit there! We storified!! I’ve read through the tweets a few times, each time finding something new. I definitely want to revisit queer YA lit and give voice to people we need to hear from. I think I was touched by the liberating aspect of Large Fears and the way it has accomplished it through words and images. I pulled out a “few” tweets to post here, but I do hope you get a chance to read the entire chat.

The next #LargeFears event will be held Tuesday 12 January at 7:00pm EST and we’ll be catching up with the debut YA authors of color from 2015. It will be hosted by Chris Ledbetter (@Chris_Ledbetter) and Stacey Lee (@staceyleeauthor). Stacey is the author of UNDER A PAINTED SKY. OUTRUN THE MOON (5/16) Putnam/Penguin. CATCH A FALLING HEART (Fall ’16) Katherine Tegen. Chris authored DRAWN (6/15) | THE SKY THRONE (Spr. 2017).

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