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Yesterday. National Coming Out Day. And yesterday, I wrote that “Queer black boys need books”. As do all queer Native American boys and boys of color. Who are the Native American and authors of color that write for teens? I have to admit I couldn’t find a single gay Native American author to add the the list, but all around it’s slim pickings. Thank goodness the limited quantity is made up for by high quality books.

Listed below are gay authors of color and the MG or YA books they’ve written.

Well, you know I have to mention Myles Johnson author of Large Fears (Aug 2014)!

Please mention any I’ve mention in the comment section and i’ll add them to the post.

Craig Laurance Gidney

            Bereft, Tiny Satchell Press 2013

Rigoberto Gonález

            Antonio’s Card, Children’s Book Press 2005

            The Mariposa Club, Alyson Books 2009

            Mariposa Gown, Lethe Press 2012

            Mariposa U, Tincture 2015

Randall Kenan

            A Visitation of Spirits: a novel, Grove Press 1989

Charles Rice Gonzalez

            Chulito, Magnus Books 2011

Shawn Steward Ruff

            Findlander, Quote Editions 2008

Alex Sanchez

            Rainbow Boys, Simon and Schuster 2001

            Rainbow High, Simon and Schuster 2003

            So Hard to Say, Simon and Schuster 2004

            Rainbow Road, Simon and Schuster 2005

            Getting It, Simon and Schuster 2006

            Bait, Simon and Schuster 2009

            Boyfriends with Girlfriends, Simon and Schuster 2011

Benjamin Alire Saenz

            Sammy and Juliana in Hollywood, Cinco Puntos Press 2004

            A Perfect Season for Dreaming/Un Tiempo Perfecto Para Soñar, Cinco Puntos 2008

            He Forgot to Say Goodbye, Simon and Schuster 2008

            Last Night I Sang to the Monster, Cinco Puntos Press 2009

            Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, Simon and Schuster 2012

Steven Dos Santos

            The Culling, Flux 2013

            The Sowing, Flux 2014

Rakesh Satyal

             Blue Boy, Kensington 2009

Shyam Selvadurai

             Funny Boy, W. Morrow and Co. 1996

Swimming in the Monsoon Sea, Tundra Press 2005

Vivek Shraya

            God Loves Hair, 2010, Arsenal Pulp

Adam Silvera

              More Happy Than Not, SohoTeen 2015

Bil Wright

            Sunday You Learn to Box, Scribner 1998

            When the Black Girl Sings, Simon Pulse 2007

            Putting Makeup On the Fat Boy, Simon and Schuster 2011

Paul Yee

            Tales from Gold Mountain: Stories of the Chinese in the New World,


            Ghost Train, Douglas & McIntyre 1996

            The Bone Collector’s Son, Michael Cavendish 2004

            A Song for Ba, Groundwood Books 2004

            Learning to Fly, Orca Book Publishing 2011

            What Happened This Summer, Tradewind Books, 2006

            Shu-Li and Tamara, Tradewind Books, 2007

            Shu-Li and Diego, Tradewind Books, 2009

            Blood and Iron: Building the Railway, Scholastic Canada 2010

            Money Boy, Groundwood Books, 2011

            Chinese Fairytale Feasts: A Literary Cookbook, Crocodile Books 2014



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