Saturday Trailer

What better day for a book trailer than a Saturday?

Cindy L. Rodriguez began her professional life as a journalist. She transitioned to a high school Language Arts teacher and then a Reading cindyrodriguez2Specialist for middle schoolers. Her career path indicates a love of language, of literature and of children. Cindy debuts as an author this year with the release of When Reason Breaks.

Cindy’s idea for the novel began in 2004 when she took an author centered graduate course. She began to develop scenes for the novel in her mind, but developing the story was overshadowed by more courses, more certifications and the adoption of her daughter. As 2008 ended, the story could wait no longer and it began to pour out of her. Months of sending her manuscript out, rewriting and query searching led to this happy dance when she signed her first book with Bloomsbury Children’s Books at USA.

Cindy is a Fearless Fifteener who maintains her own blog and who blogs at Latin@s in Kidlit. She is a vibrant part of the Latin@ literary community, working tirelessly to promote Latin@ authors and literature.

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