This morning, I began a blog post, reflecting on Ferguson, Eric Garner and other shootings, but then I had to go to my shift at the community garden and my sister came to visit. Isn’t it nice to be able to just walk away from all that violence, racism, hatred and ugliness?

I went to see “The Giver” last night. (Talk about getting away from violence, racism, hatred and ugliness!!) I don’t know what was going on here in the Haute, but the area near the mall was filled with young white boys in their pick up trucks. The trucks were outfitted with loud mufflers, and many burning diesel. Traffic was crazy heavy! No one was paying attention to traffic lights and it took forever to get out of the madness. I can’t remember feeling so unsettled in a very, very long time.

My youngest son has taken to reading the speeches of Martin Luther King Jr.

My eldest called me recently filled with anger, confusion and disillusionment after watching the video of Eric Garner being killed when a police officer applied an illegal choke hold. I know my son has been stopped by cops for DWB. I know he lives in a city where 14 young men have been killed by police this year. Perhaps you have words I could have used to comfort him.

Oh! “Arms up”.

My daughter left Indy for a larger city where she could live with a little less fear as she chooses to live out loud, proud and gay. My daughter will never hide who she is, nor should she. Doesn’t matter if I’ve had nightmares about trying to protect her. She has to live her life.

My sister sampled the fish I roasted with yam leaves; an African dish. We did some window shopping, had some frozen yogurt and had a really nice afternoon.

No worries.

I’ve got reviews to post this week, all books written by author of color. That’s my fight, getting more books out there with characters of color so that all young readers can realize there are brown kids who matter.

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