Giving You More Diversity for 25 Years

“More than two decades ago Wade and Cheryl Hudson were parents on a desperate search for children’s books that reflected the diversity of Black history, heritage and experiences. Disappointed by the limited number and their unreliable availability, the couple embarked upon a mission: to produce the kind of positive, vibrant Black-interest books that they wanted for their own two children. ”

25 years and hundreds of titles later, JustUs Books remains committed to providing quality books for Black children. From concept books to chapter books to YA and poetry, JustUs provides classic and contemporary works that are important additions to any library.

Cheryl Hudson recently reached out to me to share an important list of Key Ingredients in Selecting Multicultural Books for Children. It’s such an important list, that I’m sharing it here along with her list of What You Can Do to Get More Multicultural Children’s Books in Stores Classrooms and Libraries. If you’d like to be sent a pdf of either of these documents, just email me and let me know.

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