New YA Author: Valerie Day-Sanchez

I really enjoy networking on Twitter because I’m able to meet people like author Valerie Day-Sanchez. She recently interviewed me on her blog and, isn’t turnabout fair play?

I thought I’d try out my 2014 word [SHINE] and ask  Valerie What makes you shine? What do you do that makes you feel vital and gives you energy?What delights you?

When are you able to get in the flow and have your writing (or other talents) flourish?

Shine…what makes me light up, feel inspired, makes me rejoice or simply get out of bed in the morning? Aside from my awesome husband and my gorgeous boys there is one thing that motivates and drives me. One thing that gives me the inspiration to write, gives me the energy to chase my kids, and teach and that is possibility.
The idea that really anything is possible, the realization that there is a world of opportunities that are available to me. That way of thinking really makes me flourish and it acts as a conduit during my creative process.
The fact that I have my Masters degree is something that has granted me the freedom to live my life the way that I choose, without very much compromise.
Growing up my parents always stressed the value of an education, and as a woman, a person of color, a “minority,” education is freedom, knowledge truly is power, and that’s the best lesson they could have instilled in me.
When you’re a teenager you can’t wait to get your drivers license so that you can go where you want when you want, if you’re like me you long for that freedom. But what’s better than a drivers license or even a plane ticket? To me, that’s education. A degree can put miles between you and your past, and bring you closer to becoming the person that you want to be.
When you have an education you get to decide, there aren’t people telling you what you have to do. Acquiring a degree definitely opens up a lot of doors, not just professionally but also personally.
Literally what makes me get out of bed everyday, are my sons giggling and the fact that I am able to get up and make them breakfast and then we decide our day from there is the best thing I could have asked for.
That makes me shine, that I have choices, and can write, teach, and parent the way that I want.
Even though school is difficult and time consuming and expensive it’s all worth it.
Shine on 🙂
You can catch Valerie’s shine in the following places

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