Woulda Shoulda Coulda and Courageously So!

‘The brave may not live forever, but the cautious don’t live at all.’

– Ashley L.
I’ve had thoughts lately about what I shoulda and what I coulda done.
I have a fantastic plan to distribute books to high schools in IN once BFYA is done, but I shoulda sent them out during the year so that I coulda gotten feedback from teen readers regarding the books. The teens would have known that their opinion matters and they would have been excited about reading these brand new books.
I woulda started a new meme a few weeks ago, something to make it easier to get to the blog and get something posted, but I’ve been too distracted! I simply want to post polls every now and them, sometimes serious, sometimes not. I follow @fakelibrarystats on Twitter and can’t help but think that generating my own numbers can’t be any worse than that, and sometimes perhaps more fun! I do plan to start do a poll every week or so. Plan to join in the action!
I really coulda started a weekly post based upon my word for the year way back in January when I chose it. Or, when it chose me! Courage!! I’ve had so many ideas about what I could post today on courage, but then I saw Cindy Pon’s retweet on Twitter and there it was.

Cindy’s forthright support of her friend and her friend’s forthright explanation of who she is. Her friend is Malinda Lo.  Yep, it’s National Coming Out Day. Today is calling us to be courageous and to get rid of those woulda, should, couldas. Be courageous and live life with no regrets.