New POC Releases: May

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you know I’ve spent the morning searching for and posting new POC releases. I didn’t find many for May.

I did find a few to add for April and they’re posted on the Pinterest board for April. I probably post new titles to Pinterest before I do anywhere else, it’s just easier! When I post there, I quickly tweet or post my finds to FB.

I’ve continue posting new POC books to Pinterest since last year and there is one for May. And, there is always my annual list of books as well.  I’ll catch up the April titles on my annual list later; I have a graduation party at the Islamic Center to attend this afternoon!

  1. P.S. Be Eleven by Rita Williams Garcia; Amistad, 21 May
  2. How I became a ghost by Tim Tingle; Road Runner Press; 28 May
  3. Get over it by Nikki Carter; Dafina Press; 28 May
  4. Death, Dickinson and the Demented life of Frenchie Garcia by Jenny Torres-Sanchez; Running Press Kids; 28 May

5 thoughts on “New POC Releases: May

  1. Medeia,
    I agree!
    I scour Amazon and Sometimes, I go through publishers catalogs or visit authors sites. Voya can be a good source, too. There is no one place to look. You’d think Amazon or would be a one stop source, but it can be difficult to search.


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