Need a Gap Year?

The Global Citizen Year Regular Decision deadline on March 22nd is almost two weeks away, and with it we need help finding the current high school seniors that will make up our 2013 cohort.

Global Citizen Year is a premier global bridge year program designed to unleash the potential of the next generation of young Americans as authentic leaders and effective agents of change.

Each year, we recruit and train a diverse corps of high-potential graduating seniors and support them through a bridge year of service learning and leadership training in Africa, Latin America and Asia.   Through a world-class training and individual apprenticeships, our Fellows develop the skills and perspectives they need to succeed in college, careers, and a global economy.

We invest in emerging leaders because we know that young people who have the opportunity to explore the world, and their role within it, approach the future with the passion and purpose they need to make an impact – on our nation and our world.

Identifying those students is the key to our — and their — success. Through an immersive bridge year, they will gain the skills and experience needed to excel in college, their careers, and as the next agents of change in our increasingly globalized world.

Please pass along the word to students that you know, and encourage them to apply here.

I’ve had a student go through this program and I cannot say enough to describe the incredible experience this was for him. Consider recommending that student who needs something different, something powerful and something transformative.