Carrying On

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I feel a need for new, so I found a nice new sweater and a cute new bauble for my desk. I added a few more new books to yesterdays post and cleaned up the author links on the blog,. I mopped floors and wash windows. The laundry is finishing now. I’m trying not to take old mess into a new year!

I’m worried more about Hilary Clinton than I am that cliff. I’ve had too many close friends with cancer scares this year to know what really matters. I think I could somehow segue into a comment about health care in this country, but I won’t. Suffice to say that’s the cliff that concerns me.

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This cute little box will hold my post-its!

My traditions are changing. I used to have brunch with friends on New Years Eve, get a massage and mani/pedi and then pick up some delicious carry out for dinner. I’m doing brunch and a movie on New Years this year, God willin’ and the predicted snow don’t rise too high. I’m still not making resolutions but I have decided to start carrying re-usable totes to the grocery so that I can stop fussing when the baggers put 2-3 items in each of to plastic bags they pack. Making the bags uses more petroleum than cars!! I can’t blame the baggers when I can be proactive and just carry totes with me!

I hate to admit I’m ready to go back to work, but I somewhat am because when the library opens, so does the fitness center next door and I’m ready to workout! Nope, I don’t want to carry it into the new year.

And, I’ve found my word for 2013:  COURAGE

Happy New Year! Have a Joy filled 2013!

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    1. Hey!! My last day of work was 21 Dec. Librarians are tenured faculty, but we don’t get the same breaks as teaching tenured faculty. I go back on 2 Jan. I expect tomorrow to be as quiet as that last Friday.


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