I woke this morning to news of an earthquake in Canada and an impending tsunami in Hawaii. Thankfully, Hawaii prepared for the worst but damage seems to have been minimal. Let’s wish the same results for the east coast. Here in the middle fall comes and goes. Two days in the 80s this week spoiled me and I, who enjoy the cold, found it difficult to pull out the sweaters once again.

It’s easy to say not much happens in this little ol’ town. I recently joked with someone that the Sundance Award winner “Middle of Nowhere” wouldn’t show here in the middle of nowhere, and it still hasn’t!

This city doesn’t compare to Indy (and that doesn’t compare to Chicago, Atlanta or New York!) but, there are events! Yesterday, I attended the annual India Night and was entertained by Bollywood style dancing, singing and a fashion show. While India definitely was the theme of the evening, it felt more like a global night (the original name of the evening) as people from Pakistan, African, China, Egypt, Algeria, Croatia, the Caribbean and other parts of the world sat in the audience, joined in the dancing and enjoy the festivities. I had a couple of photos to post but WordPress and/or my crappy IP is acting up and won’t let me do it. Sorry!

It amazes me how much occurs in the library! Last week, there were signs of Old England and this week it will be Cinco de Maya. These day long events occur in spaces inside and outside the library. As technology transforms how we locate, access and retrieve information, it is also redefining how we use library space. I recently attended a webinar on makerspaces and found it interesting how public libraries are providing resources for community members to creatively use information to create new products. A recent post on the YALSA blog looks into makerspaces.

Librarian in Black has spent much of last week looking at the use of library space. My library has been creating collaborative workspaces for students. What more can you imagine?

Cynsations  recently linked to an interview with Cassandra Clare on the Racebending blog. Clare discusses diversity in her written work and her efforts to maintain that integrity as the works transform to film.

I’ve been picking up and putting down several books and even that is a real improvement over the little reading I’ve been doing over the past few months. I’m currently reading Never Fall Down by Patricia McCormick and  enjoy how she’s developed the narrative voice. Never Fall Down is a May release that is gaining a bit of attention.

I’ve been looking at the numbers and will not be surprised if we see a real drop in the number of children’s books written by authors of color this year. As I post the releases each month, I’m continually disappointed in the numbers. And, there are so few new authors of color this year! Scoot on over to the BrownBookShelf blog and nominate a black author for this February’s 28 Days Later! Last day to nominate is 2 November.

I hope you have something good to read and a safe, warm place to read it this week!