Male Monday: Earl Sewell

Earl Sewell’s name is almost synonymous with Kimani Tru. He’s written seven novels with this imprint and his books featuring Keysha and her crew are always highly anticipated by teen girls. Sewell was featured this past February as part of the BrownBooksShelf’s 28 Days Later series.

In telling his story there he says

“I worked for a public library in my early twenties, which is where I first encountered the works of Zora Neale Hurston, Richard Wright and James Baldwin. Up until that time, I did not realize that African American writers even existed. My unawareness was a result of my suburban upbringing. After reading the works of those writers, I searched the book shelves for more authors. I found Alice Walker, Terry McMillian and a host of other authors who inspired me. One of the highlights of my career took place in 2009. While on a book tour, in St. Louis, I had an opportunity to share the spotlight with Terry McMillan whose works I’d always admired.”

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In the past 14 years, Sewell has released 18 books, 11 adult and 7 teen fiction. As part of this year’s Summer Teen series, Sewell was asked why he likes writing for teens.

“I love the feedback I receive from teen readers. I constantly get emails from readers expressing how much they love the series and its characters. Readers always want to know when I’ll be finished with the next installment. I can’t seem to write the novels fast enough for them.”

And with that, I’d have to agree! My high school students loved those books!

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