October New Releases

I haven’t (completely) forgotten to post October releases by authors of color. I’ve wanted to devote more time to looking as I cannot believe there are only 7 books! October has one of the longest lists in general for YA, yet on 7 by authors of color??  Nonetheless, we’ve got repeat performances by some talented writers and I expect each of these to prove to do quite well. Here’s hoping!

October releases on Pinterest

January- October 2012 releases by authors of color on the blog page


4 thoughts on “October New Releases

    1. When I began reading that, I thought you were going to say you were finishing a book you’re working on!!!
      Have you reviewed Pinned yet? I’m sorry I haven’t been reading any blogs lately.
      Are you going to ALAN this year? It would be so good to see you again!


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