I’m enjoying today. I am prefer these cooler temperatures and am so happy to be at home in the middle of the day to see the sun streaming into my bedroom. I miss Saturday, Garcon and Manning, but I’m still cheering for my Colts and look forward to wearing that same shade of blue to watch the Sycamores take to the field here in TH. I’m watching them play the Bears right now and although I want my Colts to win, I have watched so many Bears games, love Chicago so much that I don’t think I’ll be disappointed if the Bears win, or at least not too disappointed.

I think of how my favorite players are dispersed, how I’ve come to admire so many teams and players and I find it hard to wish any a losing season. As I’ve aged I think I’ve become aware of so much more in the world of football that I and want to see and follow more.

I hope as search engines continue to customize my search results, they come to understand my growing interests and don’t limit to only information about the Colts. I am truly a life long learning.

With the Colts and Bears playing in front of me, I turned to Google Reader to collect my feeds and prepare this post and I stopped with one of the first posts I starred. I don’t want to write any more that will prevent you from clicking the link to read and begin to follow the Asian Pacific American Library Association’s (APALA) series, The New Normal which begins with this post by Gurpreet Kaur Rana. In it:

I kept seeing that phrase on T-shirts and placards at candlelight vigils and memorials for the Oak Creek victims: “We are all Sikhs”. We truly are – more than even those who may say it realize. The literal meaning of “Sikh” is “learner”. As librarians, we are lifelong learners who share what we learn.

I think I want a t-shirt that says “Librarian Sikh”

I hope your team wins today!