Saturday Trailer: The Girl Who Could Silence the Wind

What better day for book trailers than a Saturday?

Meg Medina’s The Girl Who Could Silence the Wind was published in the US earlier this year and came out in June in the UK.  Medina created the Hope Tree Project to launch her book. She distributing art weight foil to Virginia high school students and asked them to create ex votives or milagros.  In describing the project she states “the hard part of the project won’t be making the milagros. Over the years I’ve spent working in schools, I know that high schoolers have the technical skill to produce some drop-dead gorgeous work. What will tax them, I think, is the question I’ve asked. It’s hard to be 17 and at the beginning of everything. Exciting, sure, but there are so many unknowns. But what I told students at the Steward School yesterday is that putting your wishes out in the world is the first step in making them become a reality. If you don’t make a dream for yourself, others are only too happy to rush in and fill in the vacuum. It’s what my main character, Sonia Ocampo found out.  And really, we should all be asking ourselves this question as we chart a path in life” source

Again this summer, she’s paired with author Gigi Amateau on the Girls of Summer Project.