Male Monday: Irfan Master

“In the world I came from it wasn’t cool to say that you wanted to be a writer or read books. I always wanted to be a writer but I just kept it hidden for 20 odd years which was a strange state of mind to be in.”

One male author of color has a YA book released this month.

“Irfan Master is project manager of Reading the Game at the National Literacy Trust. His father is from Gujarat, India where the novel is set, and his mother is from Pakistan. Irfan grew up speaking both Urdu and English.” He grew up reading The Count of Monte Cristo with his grandfather and developed a love or reading. He knew that sometime ago, there was a split in India, but no one could or would tell him about it. So, Ifran decided to written A beautiful Lie. He went to India and then Morocco, where he wrote most of the book. he says “Everything came from the first two words ‘Everybody lies’…”

A beautiful lie has already been published in the UK and hit US shelves 1 August.



Award nominations:

North East Book Award

Essex Book Award

WE Read Book Prize

Branford Boase Award

Redbridge Book Award

Amazing Book Award

Waterstones Children’s.Book Prize


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