I don’t think I’ve ever changed jobs and cities at the same time. I had no idea what the concept of ‘settling in’ would come to mean and how long it would take to do. Blogging, TBR piles and even fitness have suffered in the transition. However, I’ve lost nothing major

I was on the beach in Savannah at the beginning of this month!

and only gained possibilities.

Once again, rather than learning to turn to others to get things done, my sense of independence is only fortified well, except when it comes to learning the world of academia. Fortunately, I’m surrounded by professionals who are fast on the road to becoming friends.

Terre Haute is… interesting… I’ll just say that I’m glad to know it’s so close to St. Louis, Chicago, Louisville and the airport in Indy.

I have been getting back into reading and plan to post a review this week. This weekend, I did spend time reading some of the blogs I’ve missed for too long. I’ve been reading about bloggers being sued for placing photos on their blogs and for using images on Pinterest. I know I’ve mentioned that problem before. Pinterest is all about sharing images, yet their policy clearly states that you do it at your own risk.

APALA recently posted information about the University of Maryland’s LIS Symposium on Diversity.

“Symposium on Diversity in LIS Education will bring together information professionals and faculties to focus on preparing all LIS students to be ready to design & deliver inclusive services to diverse populations in the Information Age.

Talks and panels include: Changing demographics of library patrons; Designing academic programs for cultural competency; Recruiting diverse student populations to MLS programs; Funding diversity-related academic programs”. more information

YALSA’s Popular in Paperback Program is creating new lists for 2013. The topics for this year are:

  • Boarding Schools to Summer Camps: leaving home to find yourself. Leaving home to find yourself (books where the characters go to boarding school, study or work abroad, or participate in some other activity that takes them away from home for an extended period of time)
  • Keeping It Clean: these reads are a dirt-free zone. (books that are generally free from teen sex, cussing, teen drug use, or heavy teen drinking.)
  • Gowns, Greasepaint and Guitars: Not the same old song and dance. (books featuring music, theater, or any of the performance arts.)
  • I’m New Here Myself: A generation, caught between nations. A generation, caught between nations (books featuring characters who are immigrants or the children of immigrants, and their struggle to balance two very different cultures and define who they  want to be.)

Please take the time to recommend titles.

Did you know that Ramadan began two weeks ago? I’ve been invited to participate in an interfaith iftar this week. I happened to mention it to a couple of new friends who I think are going to join me. One, who is not Muslim, said she usually observes Ramadan. When you think about it, fasting is a tradition in most faiths.

Looks like another hot, rainless week but, this too shall pass! My mom would say “Just keep livin’!”



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  1. Stopping by to say hi! It’s so good to visit you again…it’s been too long. I’ll definitely be visiting more often. I love your take on books! I hope that the weather cools off for you there soon 🙂


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