Sunday Morning Reads

Good Sunday morning! I have just a few things of note this morning. The new job is necessitating a new city and I’ve got to get packing!

First, if you don’t subscribe to Voya, you really should. It’s an excellent source of information on YA books, authors and events. You can get an idea of what’s in it by visiting the online site. This month’s publication actually features an article by yours truly!

7 June is the date set for the SummerReading Tweetfest! Join the international conversation by using the hashtag #summerreading. What to talk about?

    • What you want to read — or have to read — this summer.
    • Wonderful, or awful, memories of summer reading
  • Quotes about summer reading, or about reading in general
  • Book recommendations for others
  • Tips for getting students to read in the summer
  • Links to booklists, contests and other resources
  • Summer book-club ideas
  • Visuals! Summer-book photos might be worth 1,000 words…
  • Summer site-specific recommendations: best beach books, camping books, car-trip audio books, family-reunion books, etc.
  • Best places to summer-read, or best things to eat and drink while summer reading
  • Thoughts about the concept of “summer reading” in general. For instance,why isn’t there “fall reading” or “winter reading” ?

Print or ebooks for young readers? A very recently released study for clear-cut distinctions in how each format engages young readers.

“Researchers found that while the multimedia features of enhanced e-books grabbed children’s attention, those same features also distracted young readers and led more to “non-content related interactions.” Features like animation, sound effects, videos, and games made it more difficult for some parents to keep kids focused on reading and diminished kids’ recall of the text. Parents continually had to tell kids not to turn the page or not to touch the tablets, according to Chiong.” source

The Alex Award committee is currently looking for suggestions for its award which is presented to significant adult books which appeal teen readers. If you would like to nominate a book, you can do so here.

Have a week worth writing about!


One thought on “Sunday Morning Reads

  1. Thanks for letting us know about the summer reading tweetfest. You’ve asked a great question: why isn’t there something about winter or fall reading? I think it has to do with who’s doing the discussing. Bloggers seem to love seasonal reading.

    Have a great week.


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