review: Perfect Shot

“I liked Perfect Shot, it’s a funny, cute and thoroughly entertaining read.” ~ Ari @ Reading in Color

book review: Perfect Shot (Romantic Comedy series)

author: Debbie Rigaud

date: Simon Pulse; 2009

main character: London Abrams

RL: 5.8

My students never want to read this book because of the cover. They’ve told me they don’t want to read about cartoon characters which I suppose translates as “it’s not real enough”.  Are romances supposed to be ‘real’?

London is a star volleyball player. In simply giving her this attribute, Rigaud tells us that she is competitive, athletic and a believer in fair play. She’s a good kid, right? But when she gets caught up in somethings outside her element (modeling and romance) she behaves in atypical ways.

London works at a local art supply store with her bestie, Pam, where she meets and crushes on Brent. That crush sets the stage for London becoming involved in a local modeling contest to be a store’s spokesperson and for her ex, Unslick Rick, to really begin to play games with her. Brent seems like a nice enough guy but we don’t know him well enough to know how things will play out with him and London. And, we have no idea what treachery Rick is up to! Add to that ancient animosities from childhood friend Kelly and a not too pleasant mom and you’ve got a story with a lot going on! Too much? Not at all! Rigaud develops things quite well.

There was some unevenness in this debut novel, but not enough to diminish the intrigue that Rigaud builds through the fast past happenings in the storyline. London is easy to like and readers will to want to see her get her man!

A happy ending may not be real but it sure is romantic!

modeling; volleyball; romance

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  1. I added this to my wish list. It sounds like a fun story.

    I’ve taught middle and high. The cover would appeal to my middle school readers, but not high school. The cover does look young and may even imply that it’s a graphic novel.


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