Summer Reading Matters

Ahh! Summer!

OOOoo!! Summer Reading!

Each season seems to temper our reading selection and summer seems to be the time to stop meeting expectations and read to truly enjoy whether it be a pile of classics, a newly purchased paperback romance or the ESPN magazines that have been stacking up all year. It’s easier to get some teens to read during the summer than others because even the most avid may want to take a break from all the books. Yet, we know that summer reading is critical for teens to retain and hopefully improve reading skills. Give them the newspaper, magazines, comic books, novels or biographies. Giving them what they want to read will keep them reading! Us too!

Why not try a summer themed book?

How Tia Lola saved the summer by Julia Alvarez Miquel’s loveable Aunt saves what promised to be a dull and boring summer.

 Chameleon by Charles R. Smith Shawn’s mother may think it’s time for Shawn to grow up, but he’s planning nothing but fun for this summer before high school!

The summer I turned pretty; It’s not summer without you and We’ll always have summer by Jenny Han  No one does summer romance like Jenny Han!

When the stars go blue Candid Ferrer Soledad by plans to spend her summer teaching dance and saving some money until stars cross and she meets Jonathan and gets talked into joined the drum and bugle corps.

The Watsons go to Birmingham-1963 by Christopher Paul Curtis A classic book about a family’s summer road trip.

 Mare’s war by Tanita Davis Octavia and Tali spend their summer on a road trip with Mare, their red sports car driving grandmother who is too young to be called ‘grandma’.

Surf mules by Greg Neri Logan and Z-boy have finished high school and are given a summer job that could make them quite rich, if it doesn’t kill them first! Yeah, and they surf, too!

 Marcello in the real world by Francisco S. Stork  Marcelo Sandoval is given the summer after his junior year to experience the real world

Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz: Aristotle and Dante meet at a pool when summer begins.

 L.A. summer: friends til the bloody end by Sheryl Mallory Johnson  Mikki, Carlette and Stacy have different talents and different backgrounds. Will this be the summer they become friends, or not?

Be sure to visit your local public library to sign up for summer reading programs and checkout a few of these great summer books!

A few online summer reading programs:

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Scholastic’s Summer Challenge (International)

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