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GoodReads is currently sponsoring the Independent Book Bloggers Contest. Independent bloggers who live in the US, are over 18 and have a GoodReads account entered their blog to be voted as a readers favorite. Winners in each of the four categories will receive a trip to BookExpo America this summer. I entered my blog. I want to go to BookExpo, but I didn’t expect to win. I did expect to expose my blog to people who may never have heard of it, but for some reason, GoodReads didn’t put my blog in the running. I did look through the blogs that did get entered and found a couple that I found quite interesting.

I found the Hawaii Book Blog. Their mission statement reads

“The world’s books are as diverse as the people who read and author them. Hawaiʻi’s own literary landscape is beautifully unique because of the various cultures that inhabit its islands. Mark Twain, Robert Louis Stevenson, Jack London—these are well known names in literature, but they are also important to Hawaiʻi’s individual literary history. These great authors had much to say about our islands and there are many more authors like them to be found still. The main purpose of this blog is to provide people with a comprehensive platform to learn and discuss books about Hawaiʻi and the Pacific, books by local authors, or books published by local companies. Hawaiʻi’s books are multi-cultural and multi-generational with universal conflicts and themes.”

The blog announces many reading related activities on the islands such as the annual Celebrate Reading . To celebrate National Poetry Month, they’re collecting poems for Poems in you Aloha-shirt day on 24 April.

Also from Hawaii is Michelle and Leslie’s Book Picks.Michelle and Leslie are two sisters!

Michelle is 24 years old and I live in Hawaii. She has adegree in elementary education  and is currently pursuing hermasters in library science.  Her favorite books to read are young adult fiction and contemporary and historical romances. Leslie is  a 14 year old high school sophomore. Her favorite genre is YA with paranormal and fantasy elements. (Take from their “About Us page”)

Have you found any noteworthy blogs in the contest, or is yours entered?

Do any of you Pinterest? I’ve avoided it for a long time, but recently got an invitation and am planning to put the May releases by authors of color on there.

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  1. That’s too bad your blog didn’t make it on the list! I threw my hat in the ring for much the same reason…and like you, enjoyed seeing who else was there! So many blogs I’d never heard of!

    I opened a pinterest account, but have done nothing with it! I hope it works for you.


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